Busy Weekend & Sesamoiditis

We definitely experienced our busiest weekend since moving to SoCal in January.  But busy in a good way.  Friday we got together with a couple friends and watched “The Social Network”, which by the way is a very good film!  Following that we played a few rounds of TV Superstars with the Playstation Move.  Lots of fun! Saturday we had a relaxing morning followed shopping for a grill, then a 3 mile run on the beach.  It was about 75 and absolutely gorgeous for our run. Couldn’t have asked for much more!  The ever better news from that is I wore more cushioned shoes and didn’t notice any foot pain that I had experienced on some more recent runs with more minimal footwear.  After our run we spent some time laying out by the pool and soaking up the SoCal sun.  Next up was our attempt at grilling but it didn’t go so well and we ran out of time since we were meeting some friends for miniature golf (which I won incidentally :)  18 holes later we stopped in to a nearby dive bar for a drink then were home and off to bed.

Sunday morning started with a trip to the vet for Madison who has an ear infection.  Poor baby just got fixed on Thursday and now this…  We made our second attempt at grilling after that but it took longer than expected and we missed our planned trip to the Gossip Grill for a softball fundraiser event.  Our 2nd attempt was better but still not quite there – third time is the charm!  Christina had a soccer game after that – which she won.   Her team is 2-3 and I was there for both wins so I think I may have to keep going (though not next week when they start at 9PM).

I also took note that it is 33 days until my birthday.  I saw a post on Facebook about a 40 day challenge so I took that and modified that a bit since I’m not exactly the picture of health I’d like to be at this point.  The plan is:

  • No soda
  • No Fast food
  • No sweets
  • No fried food
  • exercise for at least 15-20 minutes EVERY day

I think #1 and #3 will be the hardest and possibly #5.  I certainly don’t run every day so I’ll have to do cross training to reach my goal.  15-20 minute is very achievable though.  3 days down!

In other news, I saw the doctor today about my foot pain.  His diagnosis is that it’s likely sesamoiditis, which basically means inflammation of the sesamoid bone under my big toe.  He didn’t seem to think it was a bad case and thought I could continue my activities with a few caveats.  First – I’m supposed to wear shoes with better cushioning, and second I should wear shoes with a more rigid toe box .  That pretty much takes out all minimal type footwear.  I asked him if I could go back to that after my current problem gets better and he said he doesn’t recommend it and that he has seen all kinds of new foot injuries like this one in people who’ve been running for years and switch to minimalist footwear.  Even with a gradual switchover he didn’t really recommend it since it can put so much stress on the sesamoids, especially if you have higher arches like I do.  The verdict is still out in my mind.  I’m going back to more cushioned footwear and may supplement in time with very short, more minimal runs.  Of course, not until my current pain is 100% gone.  I’m hoping I can continue running with minimal issues and that the pain gets better.  If it gets worse or I start feeling pain all the time (not just when running), then I’m supposed to go back for a bone scan.   I have a 5 mile race planned for Saturday so I’m hoping that goes well!

Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

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MY RUN in Theaters ONE DAY ONLY! March 31, 2011

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The Places you run in 4 weeks…

We’ve been in SoCal for about 4 weeks now and I’ve sure taken advantage of the weather to get out on some trails.  Below is a listing of where I’ve ran since moving here about 4 weeks ago (road runs not included).  Lots of great trail to run!  It’s also softball season here in SoCal (starting anyway) so in the next week or so I might be on two teams – one already seems to be a done deal and that season starts Feb 22.  The other season starts 3rd week of March.

1. Indian Truck Trail / Santa Ana Mountains

2. Denk Tank Mountain – Carlsbad/San Marcos

3. Calvera Lake – Carlsbad

4. Batiquitos Lagoon Trail – Carlsbad

5. Whiting Ranch – Orange County

No picture – It was rainy & muddy and I didn’t want to get my camera (phone) all wet!

6. La Costa Preserve – Carlsbad

7. The Beach – Carlsbad

8. Elfin Forest – Escondido

9. Los Peñasquitos Canyon – San Diego

Happy Running & Dirty Feet!

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