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Double Champions

Posted by on June 1, 2011

Same news. Different day. It’s been 2 months now since I last did any form of running. I recently had a bone scan of my foot. A few days later I got a call/VM from my doctor that went something like this: “Your bone scan looks fine. There is a slight uptake where I suspect you are having the pain. Call me and I can tell you more.” So I called him right back – no luck – left a VM. I called him again yesterday because he still hadn’t called me back. I’m going to make an appointment on Thursday (he’s in surgery today) if I haven’t heard from him. It’s frustrating to have to go in for what might be a two minute conversation. It’s also frustrating that my foot pain has not really changed all that much which is a good and bad thing considering I keep playing softball and baseball and it’s not getting worse – but it’s also not getting better which means I’m not going to run yet until my doc says it’s okay.

I’ve at least been enjoying softball. On Saturday, our Sunday Women’s team competed in a one-day tourney. We started out a little shaky going 1-1 in pool play and losing our first game in bracket play which put us in the loser bracket from the start. We fought our way back and won 4 straight games (with no breaks in between) to become tournament champs. We had to beat the last team twice because they were undefeated and it was a double elimination tournament. Not an easy task considering there were an A division team and we are B division! I had a few good games and a few not so good games. Would be nice if I could be more consistent… Last night we had the playoffs for our CoEd softball team where we finished 3rd in the regular season (top 4 teams go to playoffs). We won the semifinal game and took the final 19-17. That was the most runs we scored in a game all season (and we didn’t need the bottom of the 7th to score more). I played okay the first game (1-3) and really well the second game (3-4). Great night! Feels good to be a double champion in 4 days. We’ve also played 9 games of softball in the past 4 days and this weekend I have a baseball game and two more softball games. That’s a lot of ball!

Next up – running? Please?
Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

3 Responses to Double Champions

  1. Gabrielle

    Ok first I am dying to know where you play softball?!! I live in Pasadena and really want to join a team just for fun!
    Hopefully you’ll be able to run by October cause it’s the LA Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon!! This will only be my second half marathon ever but it’s going to be so much fun cause there are live bands at every mile :)
    Get better soon so you can start training again!

  2. Deirdre

    Jessica, I was doing a search of cuboid subluxation and came across a post from you (at your old blog). Was that ruled out for you? I am suffering from a foot problem which no one can seem to fix but is closely mimicking what you had described in an earlier post…

  3. admin

    Gabrielle – I play mostly in the San Diego area so that probably doesn’t help you much :)

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