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The Fixx

Posted by on April 20, 2011

“One thing leads to another”.  In my case it’s more like “One thing comes after another” but I wanted to get the Fixx into this post somehow – because let’s face it – how often do they get mentioned in a blog?  (okay some of you – welcome back from you “Fixx” Google search).

I digress.  I blame “minimalistic” running footwear for the onset of all my problems (insert slight exaggeration here).  I’m still a fan, however, in my case running in minimal shoes (NB 101s) caused a problem with the sesamoid bone under my big toe.  A Big problem.  It took me out of the running game for a while and when I came back I switched to more cushy shoes, much to the chagrin of barefoot enthusiasts I’m sure.  But the problem seemed to go away and I was slowly back to running.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I somehow managed to develop a chest wall strain.  I’m not sure how but I *think* it was related to a walk in my sandals and going down a slippery muddy hill on which I proceeded to “eat it”.  I braced myself for the impact and managed to not end up muddy – but my arms and shoulders hurt (they took the brunt of the impact).  That hill is hard enough in regular shoes but my slick sandals were no match – the hill won.  The following day I played a fun round of ultimate Frisbee, and the day after I ran a tough 6 miler with something like 2000′ of gain over the first 3 miles.  I was laboring for breath a bit on the second uphill but overall the run seemed fine and with little or no pain.  The next day I awoke to play a softball double header and was starting to feel a bit “funky”.  I had a rough time at the games and was starting to feel the chest pain.  Drat.  No more running for a while.  The pain got pretty bad for a couple days so I went to the doctor just to make sure nothing else was wrong.  I had a softball tournament coming up over the weekend and was not sure how I’d play in that much pain.  Fortunately the pain got a bit better though I’m sure playing over the weekend (pumped full of advil) just delayed my healing.

So.. the chest pain is still there lingering – probably because I keep playing softball and am not getting  full rest.  About a week ago or so I did something to my toe – the same toe with the sesamoid problem but in a different location and different kind of pain.  This time it feels like a sprain.  My diagnosis is based on the fact that I can bend my toe and feel the pain but impact isn’t necessarily bad (unless the toe is flexing).  A fracture is a bit more sharp and hurts with pressure which doesn’t seem to be the case here.  I’m hoping this resolves in the next couple weeks so I can get back to some running!  In regards to running, you can see a few of my favorite trail pics (including one with me) in this gallery at the OC Register.

Other that the string of random injuries, things are going well.  The job is great and I’m carpooling now with Christina since she got a job a few miles away.  That carpool lane in the afternoon sure is a good thing!  Christina got into grad school so on her way to a doctorate I’ll lose the carpool perks in September and also probably won’t see her much once school starts.

The summer is shaping up to be busy already.  The Harding Hustle 30/50K takes place on July 9th and  I’m staying pretty involved in softball and we have local tournaments in May, June (probably), July and October.  In August we are going to a tournament in Portland and the Softball World Series in August.  The later is super exciting since it’s not often you get a chance to go to the World Series and I’ve never been to the East Coast (in this case Philadelphia).  I’m also trying to work out a short trip to see my family in June or July.  Not sure how I’m going to squeeze that in but I’m working on it!

In the film world, I’m shooting a documentary on the Leona Divide Trail race next weekend and will be soon shooting a trailer for my film Killing me Softly (which badly needs a new web site).  I’ll be shooting both on the Sony HXR-NX5U HD camera, and I’m excited to put it through the paces.

Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

3 Responses to The Fixx

  1. Seb

    I tried barefoot running, but I just couldn’t get used to it. I need all the padding I can get on my feet. Great blog by the way and good luck with your movies.

  2. Dejan S.

    Very nice blog! You have alot good content and it’s very easy on the eyes. :)

    Feel free to check out my running blog:


  3. Steve Bernhardt

    Ran the LD50 this year, what a great day! I look forward to seeing your film to remind me of the event and how the day unfolded. Good luck!

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