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The Places you run in 4 weeks…

Posted by on February 8, 2011

We’ve been in SoCal for about 4 weeks now and I’ve sure taken advantage of the weather to get out on some trails.  Below is a listing of where I’ve ran since moving here about 4 weeks ago (road runs not included).  Lots of great trail to run!  It’s also softball season here in SoCal (starting anyway) so in the next week or so I might be on two teams – one already seems to be a done deal and that season starts Feb 22.  The other season starts 3rd week of March.

1. Indian Truck Trail / Santa Ana Mountains

2. Denk Tank Mountain – Carlsbad/San Marcos

3. Calvera Lake – Carlsbad

4. Batiquitos Lagoon Trail – Carlsbad

5. Whiting Ranch – Orange County

No picture – It was rainy & muddy and I didn’t want to get my camera (phone) all wet!

6. La Costa Preserve – Carlsbad

7. The Beach – Carlsbad

8. Elfin Forest – Escondido

9. Los Peñasquitos Canyon – San Diego

Happy Running & Dirty Feet!

2 Responses to The Places you run in 4 weeks…

  1. Lauren Miertschin

    Fun, fun! Welcome back to California! Lovin’ the weather here.

  2. admin

    Thanks! And lovin’ the weather indeed!

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