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Rainy Run

Posted by on January 31, 2011

Yesterday Christina and I planned to drive up to Orange County, go to church, do a 5 mile trail run, and eat at one of my favorite Mexican joints.  Things mostly went as planned. What we didn’t expect was the rain!  We did see the potential in the forecast so we did go to the run prepared (ie I’m glad I wore a long sleeve.)  We met up with Kayla after church for the 5 mile run in Whiting Ranch.  Christina had my mountain bike since that is more up her alley.  The sky was definitely threatening to rain all morning and by the time we arrived at the park it was an occasional sprinkle.  Within 5 minutes into our run it was raining and it got gradually heavier as we went.  I’m pretty sure somewhere into our run they closed the park but we were already out there.  We cut our plans short since it was starting to turn into a skating rink and we didn’t want to go down dreaded hill like a slip and slide.  Our run ended up being about 3.6 miles but it was a lot of fun!  Yes I didn’t like running in the rain in Portland – mostly because there is a big difference between 45-50 and rainy and 60 and rainy.  Also because it will be 63 and sunny here today.  The rain never lasts long (usually). We went over to the Rose Canyon Cantina for lunch then headed back to Carlsbad.  I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want my phone to get wet.  I need to buy a “real” camera!

Happy Running & Muddy Feet,

One Response to Rainy Run

  1. Marijn

    Aaaah, I can’t even count the times I regret not having a decent camera on me while running. With my current one about to give up the ghost, I’m looking out for a new one, but the demands of a trail runner turn out to be a problem: It has to be super compact, really good, even in dim lighting, and it has to be able to handle some rough handling and moist… turns out any of those is not an issue, but the combination is…

    Other than that, I love running in the rain. It gives me those “alone in the world” and “i won’t give in” feelings.

    Oh, and your about section mentions pictures in the left sidebar, but I think those moved when you changed your blog?

    Anyway, happy running!

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