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Joystick Cramp

Posted by on January 3, 2011

Remember the days when the worst injury you could get from video games a joystick cramp from playing Pacman too long?  Or a finger cramp from a Nintento game controller?  Those days are nearing an end.

Enter WII motion, PlayStation Move, XBox connect.  XBox Connect, alcohol and playing “mogul skiing” are not really a good mix.  In an effort to get oodles of points from the jumps on the mogul course I did things like jumping splits, kicks, you name it.  I made 3 runs down the hill and also played about 10 rounds of boxing.

The next day I work up feeling like someone punched me in the back.  Hard.  My back is whacked.  Two days after it was at it’s worst and I got in and out of my car like a 90 year old grandma.  From what – playing video games?  Geesh.  It’s just slightly better today but I’m hoping for more dramatic improvement in the next few days.  Otherwise 1000 miles in a car over two days is gonna be a lot of fun!

Now where’s my Atari 2600?


2 Responses to Joystick Cramp

  1. Abbie

    Back issues suck. On another note, you can get the classic controller and use it for some Wii games. Old school cramps live on!

  2. dirty girl

    Last year I was out of commission from bowling with my running club. I’ve fared no better playing Wii. My Mother warned me these days were to come. I feel for you.

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