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Trick or Treat

Posted by on November 10, 2010

Some running blog huh?  Not much going on lately.  Largely because, quite frankly, I don’t have the motivation to go run when it’s raining and 40-45 degrees.  Also, I’ve been sick for about 2 weeks which hasn’t helped.

I was in Southern California for a job interview recently but my trip there was too short to get any running in. Hopefully I can when I go back down for another (the last?) round of interviews.  The job seems like it could be a great opportunity and challenge.  Both good things :)

So… A few days before Halloween, Christina and I noticed a rapist van (picture not actual van but close).  We were trying to figure out whose it was.  It just appeared there one day and seemed to sit in one spot.

Then, the day before Halloween, our roommate was leaving with her sleeping bag, pillow and other stuff.  She said she was going on a Halloween camping trip.  Interesting.  But not as interesting as the masquerade cuddle party she once attended, so we thought nothing of it.

On Halloween our neighbor asked if our roommate moved out.  I said “no”.  She said “Oh, I thought I saw her loading up that van.”  Hmmm… I thought… “Maybe her friend picked her up to go camping in that van.”  That story didn’t quite work, or course, since the van had been there several days…

The day after Halloween, she was still MIA.  I peeked at her window from outside and saw the stuff she had put in her window (like a headless Barbie doll) were no longer there.  I mentioned this to Christina and we were both getting suspicious.  After I saw her rice cooker was conspicuously absent in the kitchen I decided to look in her bedroom.

She was gone.

The room was clean (rather spotless) and she left her apartment key just sitting there.  Her bathroom was likewise very clean (the shower was a bit dirty).  She even left a large garbage bag full of bottles with a note that said “recycle me for cash.”

She was never much on the people skills and we never interacted all that much.  She seemed nice though and mostly just stayed in her room.  I’d like to think that she is driving that van (with her scooter inside) back down to California.  She never really liked it here and despite how much she didn’t like LA, it was better than Portland.  Either that or she’s parked somewhere on the Oregon Coast, living out of her van and using her Scooter to drive into town for supplies.

Let that be a lesson to you the next time your roommate says he or she is going away on a Halloween camp out.

Happy belated Halloween!


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