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End of an Era

Posted by on October 20, 2010

The end of several…

First, my employer has finally relaxed it’s dress code from business casual to casual!  Yay!  Shortly before I started here two years ago it had just been relaxed from business to business casual.  They’ve now take pretty must the last step which spells the end of an era that started when our old-school, formal founder stepped down a few years ago.  It’s funny to see many around her still wearing dressy clothes.  I guess it’s a hard habit to break for some.

Second, my doc gave me the all clear on my knee!  I need to do a jump training program for ACL injury prevention since I may be prone to re-injury (or more prone to re-injury than others).  I figure when I’m done with that I’ll be LESS prone to re-injury than others even though I have a previous injury.   My doc told me everything is looking great and he’s actually a little bit surprised at how well I healed.  Awesome!

Third, our softball team played our last game of the fall season yesterday.  We were killed by the same team last week and this week we WON over that previously undefeated team!  A sweet end to a wonderful fall softball season (we finished 2nd of 7 teams).  I’ve been hitting the last few games but not playing in the field.  Last night’s game was even sweeter since I played in the field the whole game and went 3-4 (and batted .714 in 3 games!).

Fourth, I haven’t posted here in weeks have I?  I suppose it’s the end of my dry era here on my blog as well.  I have a lot going on and will be posting about some of that soon!

Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

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