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Running Baby

Posted by on August 17, 2010

I feel like a running baby.  Every so often people who are trying to start running will ask me how to do it.  As in – how do you go from not being a runner to being one.  I find myself currently in  a pretty similar position!  It’s been 13 weeks since my injury which is not a horrible long time to be off running – but long enough.  That coupled with regaining knee strength, flexibility and function, makes it sort of like starting all over again.

I’ve starting with a 1.3 mile loop around my house.  As I tell others, start out slow, walk when you need to and just keep moving.  In my case, Saturday was my first attempt and it took me 20 minutes to cover 1.3 miles with probably about .5 miles worth of actual running.  Yesterday I covered the same distance in under 18 minutes with about .7 miles of actual running.  Slowly but surely.  One thing at a time..  Once I conquer this 1.3 mile loop (running non stop), I can move on to the next step (though I’m not sure what that is yet!).  I’m also doing cross training on a gym bike but will be getting a mountain bike soon so I can get outside more.

One thing for sure, is that I love running and even small amounts of running in the sunshine brings pleasure to me soul!

Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

One Response to Running Baby

  1. Abbie

    Glad to hear that, albeit slowly, you’re coming back!

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