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Double Champions

Tweet Same news. Different day. It’s been 2 months now since I last did any form of running. I recently had a bone scan of my foot. A few days later I got a call/VM from my doctor that went something like this: “Your bone scan looks fine. There is a slight uptake where I … Continue reading »

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The Fixx

Tweet “One thing leads to another”.  In my case it’s more like “One thing comes after another” but I wanted to get the Fixx into this post somehow – because let’s face it – how often do they get mentioned in a blog?  (okay some of you – welcome back from you “Fixx” Google search). … Continue reading »

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End of an Era

Tweet The end of several… First, my employer has finally relaxed it’s dress code from business casual to casual!  Yay!  Shortly before I started here two years ago it had just been relaxed from business to business casual.  They’ve now take pretty must the last step which spells the end of an era that started … Continue reading »

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