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End of an Era

Tweet The end of several… First, my employer has finally relaxed it’s dress code from business casual to casual!  Yay!  Shortly before I started here two years ago it had just been relaxed from business to business casual.  They’ve now take pretty must the last step which spells the end of an era that started … Continue reading »

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No Discharge

Tweet Sometimes discharge is good – that is when you are talking about Physical Therapy.  My PT said she was hoping to discharge me today but I’m not quite ready it seems.  She did some measurements and put me through some news tests.  Some of the jumping stuff was causing a bit of MCL pain. … Continue reading »

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ACL Tear?

Tweet I had my post op doctor appointment today.  I met with a PA as well as my surgeon.  The PA was the guy who got to hold my leg in place during surgery.  It was an interesting and exciting appointment.  Surgery is never a fun option if you can avoid it and it looks … Continue reading »

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